Affordable Access to IT services


Outsource your IT department to us and focus on your business! No two businesses are the same, ABS offers full-time IT support and will create a custom plan of action to address your business needs. ABS provides IT Services so that you don’t have to hire an onsite team. Our IT team is versed in different types of IT environments and delivers support when you need to escape bottleneck that affects employee productivity. We provide backup solutions to ensure nothing can compromise your data. Our client’s security is our top priority. If you have a question or need routine maintenance our team is ready to provide a solution. We offer per project IT services as well. If you already have an onsite team that needs additional support, we’re here to help! We offer IT services for businesses of all sizes.

Monitoring and Notifications

Depending on the situation, you can receive daily reports on the monitored printing or networking details. You can also receive notifications if there are emergency issues you need to know about. Additional reporting option includes weekly, monthly, and on-demand basis.

Quarterly monitoring and on-site audit are also available to measure the network performance if the infrastructure grows since the first day of installation. There will be a recap from the past months’ activities, and a new implementation approach for the next couple of months.

Data backup and security

Before our IT team starts working on the existing network, they will ensure to save a backup copy first. Creating backup points is an essential move to prevent data loss. 

Virus detection and security are in-demand services due to accumulated programs or corrupted files within the network. Doing proper clean up can help save the new software from malicious virus attacks.

Our IT Services

  • Network monitoring
  • Cloud solutions
  • IT consulting
  • Remote & onsite support
  • Workplace setup
  • IT security & recovery
  • Server monitoring
  • Desktop management

Get affordable IT support when you need, where you need – customized for any size business or organization. We will tailor our services to your needs. Let us take care of your computers and network!


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